opire asked: where are you from?

Los Angeles

that link up there will take you to a download of all the stems from my new single “the world is ours!”  i’ll choose the best few, and they’ll be featured on my soundcloud page, as well as a few different electronic music blogs!  email finished products to!!  

i can’t wait to hear what you all do!

ps, for reference, the full track is available for download here


the new music is fucking KILLER. just wait til you all hear it.

tuesday is the day y’all.

from homeless mind theory

Beach Heart‘s self titled new double sided EP is set for release on the 20th March. To be honest, I’ve had so much chillwave shoved in my face for the past 6 months I’m sick to death of beach hippy, lomography loving Toro Y Moi wanna-be’s. Lucky then, that Beach Heart’s darker take on the genre distances himself from the sickeningly sweet taste that most teenie bopping chillwave merchants subscribe to. So check out two sick tracks on his soundcloud page, and wait for the drop on March 20th when his EP will be made available to download for a pocket money price of $1.

You can watch the video to brand new track ‘The Comedown’, set to feature on the EP via our video page.