i’m releasing two songs digitally on 3/20/12!!  you’ll be able to get them on my bandcamp page for the low, low price of $1!

the only reason i’m charging anything is that i’ll be using the proceeds to help fund a vinyl 7” pressing of the songs that i’ll hopefully be releasing by the summer.

there’s a really cool video for one of the songs too, which i may premiere before the release!

help me get this vinyl printed!  i hope you all are as excited as i am!

oh shit yeah.

hey you guyz.

got an announcement coming in a few days.

it’s pretty awesome.

BEΔCH HEΔRT (chillwave, glo-fi, shoegaze)


subterraneanecho replied to your post: holy shit, kids.

goddammit, how did you figure out how to post gifs as replies before me?!

holy shit, kids.

this new song has a HUGE sound.  when i release it, listen to it in headphones.  all the way up.