the response to my debut track has been phenomenal.  what started as just a test run for a possible future project has now become my primary musical focus.  all the hype and all the positive feedback has really helped me to make that decision and i hope you all like what i have coming soon.

"Within 10 seconds of pressing play I was hooked. By the time the track stretched to its four-minute mark I was already engrossed in a rampant Google search. I needed to know, Who? When? and most importantly Where?… can I hear more music that is. To my dismay, I did not discover much, however I did find out Beach Heart is based in San Francisco.

“Sky Shatter” is fucking incredible. The production reaches another level of greatness. The soaring synths & inaudible vocals have me transfixed. To make it all better, the track is available for free downland via Soundcloud.”

theseunitedstatesofamericans-de asked: are you there God? it's me, margaret. who are you? who sent you? found you via yvynyl and i'm an sf/yay area native. also, you rule.

this has to be one of the best messages i’ve ever gotten.  thanks!  you rule too.