BEΔCH HEΔRT-The World Is Ours

It’s great to see the reception that my submissions link and soundcloud dropbox have been receiving lately. Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to focus on all of those tracks and get them out to your ears because they all deserve to be heard. The first song tonight was a nice surprise to find. It comes from San Francisco’s  BEΔCH HEΔRT and I’m completely digging the vibe. Issac Mingo has been hard at work, having just put out his self titled ep late last month and already he’s produced another great track. “The World Is Ours” has already become my favorite of his and in such a short amount of time he’s began to further improve his signature style of hazy reverb filled chillwave. This song is extremely catchy with it’s fuzzy synth and vocals which are backed by a relaxing tropical dream pop like atmosphere. I hope that this means there’s more to come in the near future because I’m even more of a fan after hearing this. To listen to more from  BEΔCH HEΔRT just head over to his soundcloud page. Also be sure to pick up his ep which is available via bandcamp for whatever price you choose.

new review of the new track!

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